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Meeting in Poland, May 2019

 „FIT FOR FUTURE” 05-11.05.2019 Short – term exchanges with young people in Grybów, Poland 05.05.2019

06.05.2019 Monday opening ceremony at school Szkoła Podstawowa nr.1 in Grybów  our countries, regions, schools - ppts by each partner, ice breaking activities, dissemination- exchanging "picture of happiness" and "happy robot", exchanging seeds of vegetable or flowers, Fit For Future – Polish healthy food, discussion: what do you know about internet safety? Advantages and disadvantages about internet.

07.05.2019 Tuesday  integaration in Polish families, students in mixed group  prepared healthy Polish lunch and dinner and they learnt about safe searches: InstaGork, Google Knowledge Graph, Infotopia, Mymunka, KidRex 

visit Ayschwitz , discussing about safe searches: InstaGork, Google Knowledge Graph, Infotopia, Mymunka, KidRex,

08.05.2019 Wednesday  trip to Szczawnica,  rafting - Dunajec and using the Mobie apps for Maths and Science: Photomath(Maths), Periodic Table(Science), WolframAlpha(Maths), Khan Academy(maths) to count kilometers of rafing,

09.10.2019 – Thursdy  trip to Kraków and Mobile apps for language learning: Duolingo (Learning words), Grade Proof (writing), Mendeley (PDF reader), flipgrid (speaking),  sightseeing Kraków, historical places

10.05.2019 – Friday  trip to Jasło  lollipop museum, –mobile apps for evaluation: Ready4 SAT, kahoot, Action Bound, Quizziz, 

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Meeting in Romania, September 2019


Meeting in Romania 29.09- 05.10.2019

 In Romania students and teachers did activities to explore the best free time activities for them. Practical and skills-based -interactive learning is the main methodology in the activity.  We organised groups and peer works so the activity encourages development of social and communication skills.  Students gained sense of achievement and boost her self-esteem and confidence, fit body and mental health. 
The activity Programme:
30.09.2019: Ice breaking activities, introducing, general information about the activity official visits for dissemination- exchanging "picture of happiness" and "happy robot". Participants taught some sentences in their mother languages to new friends. This activity  made all its participants realize the need to acquire more than one foreign language.
01.10.2019: Creative brainstorming, cooking time! recipes of healty traditional meals are given to participants and they cook traditional meals in groups, set table and taste meals, guess which country they belong to and calculate calories.
02.10.2019: Artistic activities:  participants discovered and improved the artistic skills. Painting: Mandala(fighting against lack of attention)/ handicrafts: origami(fun at Maths)/sculpture: up to participants(relaxing) . Reading time!: Participants read same book silently.
03.10.2019: Spending time in nature: participants go hiking and do yoga and have picnic in nature.
04.10.2019: Singing together, Students composed and sang a song about health and happiness. 
Folk dances: participants taught their countries' folk dances and dance together. Reading time!: Participants read same book silently. They answered enjoyful questions about the book together. Questions are answered using Web2 tool Kahoot.
Satisfaction survey was applied to participants about this LTT activity. Certificate ceremony.


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Meeting in Italy, November 2019

Participants feel more prepared and able to cope in an emergency situation when they learnt First Aid. At schools, it  helped manage risks and reduced time lost due to illness or injury. The education is given by first aid specialists. They  had the skills and confidence to act in an emergency at schools, home and where necessary. We expect participants save lives and increase the wellbeing and resilience of people as a result of the activity. Methodology of the activity was simulation of real stuations with participants. There were group and peer activities, Participants learnt by doing and watching best practices. For safety at schools was the set of preventive measures to be taken to make healthy.
Activities  were done with the collaboration of Italian Red Cross and people who work in hospitals. Moreover Albano is a vulcanian zone, the lake was vulcan so that is correlated to emergency during diasaster like earhquakes.
Day 1 Welcoming ceremony, ice breaking activities, offical meetings, general information for the activity, exchanging "Picture of happiness" and "Happy Robot".
Natural Disasters and accidents. Students make presentations that they prepare before coming Italy. Presentations are about natural disasters and accidents in their countries, precuautions, things to do during the disasters and accidents. Dealing with an emergency
Day 2 Choking, Head injury, Burns, food poisoning
Day 3 Unresponsive – breathing or not breathing, Asthma attack, Fever,
Day 4 Severe allergic reaction, Bleeding heavily, Nosebleed
Day 5 Broken bones, strains and sprains
Satisfaction survey was applied to participants about this LTT activity. Results are shared and discussed by participants. Certificate ceremony.
During the meeting we  visited: Rome , Castelli Romani and Albano's lake

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 Online meeting in Lithuania, April 2021


Icebreaking activities.
PPTs about countries and schools.
Day 2
Virtual meeting, headmaster‘s welcome.
Working on project. Traditional outdoor games.
Day 3
Working on project. Board games. Participants teach each other board games.
Day 4
Working on project. Drama games. Solving dilemmas.
Day 5
Mind games. Word games.
Evaluation of the project.Virtual survey and discussion of the virtual mobility.

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